Sarat and Lavanya* Kothapalli


Every day we’re looking forward to something new and exciting – Sarat Kothapalli believes the world is finally catching up with Amway.

“We’re so excited to see the global trends perfectly aligning with Amway’s philosophy.” In the trend of networking, Sarat says, “It’s what Amway’s been doing for more than 50 years!” With all the buzz around health and wellness products lately, “It’s what Amway believed in from the beginning. AMWAY™ is a cutting-edge business opportunity,” he says, “and we consider ourselves fortunate to be a part of it.”

Sarat was attracted to the quality of people in the AMWAY network from the beginning and the principles they promoted. “We believe in serving people. We believe in empowering people. We treat them as more than business partners; we treat them like family,” he says. “And we’re willing to do anything for the people who step up and build this business with integrity and dedication.”

Moreover, he believes, “It’s not a business solely for making money – although we do that. It’s a way of life. Everything we’ve learned is applicable to all aspects of life, from parenting to job performance,” says Sarat, who works as a project technical lead in the automotive industry.

Lavanya (a former IT consultant) is thrilled to be home these days with their children, Anish (8) and Advithi (2) – and Sarat can’t wait to join her! “We have peace of mind knowing we can provide a quality education for our children, travel the world as a family, and take care of our parents (in India),” she says. “Every day of every month, we’re looking forward to something new and exciting,” he adds.

“People need to know this is the best business opportunity in the world. It’s not you working for Amway – it’s your very own business, and Amway is there as a partner to support what you cannot do on your own.” Coupled with a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and high-quality products, “We’re on a continuous journey of success,” Sarat states passionately.

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Emerald Income Disclosure


  • Jay & Savita from Sydney

    Congratulations Sarat & Lavanya for the achievement.

  • Hi Sarat

    I would like to say, it is encouraging to see your commitment and steely resolve when it comes to the AMWAY business opportunity and in particular BWW and the mentoring program.
    I have seen first hand the results of laser light focus and allowing oneself to be in submission to a mentor.
    Momentum comes in many shapes and forms, first one must be willing and ready to change, the second is be willing to serve the people.
    What a fantastic role model and leader we have in Australia because of your guidance, I am speaking none other than Subash & Swetha, these 2 are my immediate sponsors and I have total faith and belief in them. I went to a University in Australia, I was never taught the principles that I am learning from this business on a day to day basis. I will stand side by side with Subash & Swetha on the beaches of the world as we watch the lives of others transformed. The money will come, I believe this is only the by product of a feeling of belonging to something bigger and better. As Bill Britt has said in the past, “what do you want people to say about you and what do you want to be remembered for”, making a difference in the lives of others.
    Rest in Piece Bill, your guidance from above will be enough to keep the dream alive.
    Thanks Sarat & Lavanya for guiding BWW Australia and the Malleypally team.

  • satish chollangi

    Hi CAM Sarat and Lavanya, we are excited to be part of your diamond going Organization and emerald going organization of sudhakar and sreedevi. Its exciting to see your picture and post in amway achieve magazine. Its a dream building for each one of us. We cherish your love and care for entire team. We learn a lot each time we spend any time with you.
    We wish all the best going diamond and we will make you and all uplines proud of us.


  • Sree Harsha

    Its good to be part of your team..looking forward to break all the pins in row under your inspiring leadership.

  • Hi Sarat sir,
    I’m very pleased and blessed to be working you. You are the awesome person and every body want to be around with you. The serving attitude and excitement are amazing. I don’t take lightly, I’ll make sure Kothapalli & Shah banner to raise high in all.

    Its great Honor to be part of Kothapalli and Shah team.

    Thank you.

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