Sixto and Berta Barrientos


Results prove dreams can come true - Shortly after starting their Amway™ business, Sixto and Berta Barrientos encountered a problem.

“I wanted to share the business opportunity,” he says. “So I studied what my mentors did, gave it my best shot – and people laughed at me. I thought, ‘Why can they sign up people and I can’t?’”

With his long hair, earring, jeans, and cowboy hat and boots, no one would take Sixto seriously. “I cut my hair, took out my earring, and bought a suit. In one month we signed up 20 people!” he says.

Then a new problem surfaced. As a foreman in the fields, Sixto was used to bossing people around. “I was harsh and scared a lot of people out of the business,” he admits.

With guidance from his upline and a willingness to change, Sixto soon realized that downline IBOs needed to receive motivation from others, in addition to him and Berta. Once they started utilizing the seminars, conventions, and other tools available to them, “that took a lot of pressure off of us and helped us grow to Emerald,” he says.

“From the first convention, our lives began to change because we found examples of how things could be,” Berta says. A better marriage. Better self-esteem. A better lifestyle.

“Money doesn’t bring you peace, but it leaves you about a block away from happiness,” Sixto says, smiling. He and Berta no longer labor long hours in the fields. “Before, we were limited in what we could buy the kids (Sandra, 20; Katherine, 17; Cynthia, 13; and Michelle, 6),” Berta says. “Now we can shop to our hearts’ content!”

Sending the girls to college is on the couple’s radar. So is buying a house. “Before, we didn’t have hope,” Sixto says. “Now we have results to prove our dreams can come true.”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure


  • WOW!! ‘Guidance from his upline and a willingness to change’ made a big difference to Sixto. That’s a great leason!! Thank you for sharing your stories.

  • Mphatso

    Great story! Very motivating. I’m also looking forward to signing up 20 people in my team!! All the best and Go Diamond!

  • Angel y Sandra Hernandez

    mis Esmeraldas y futuros Diamantes estamos muy contentos de perteneser en su equipo. un ejemplo a seguir

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