Steve Woods: Take a Holistic Approach to Training

For Founders Diamond Steve Woods, a former instructor pilot in the U.S.Army, all training should be pointed at a specific and positive end result, regardless of what the training is for. As Steve explains, “if you look at training holistically, as a process with the ultimate goal of guiding someone from their current comfort zone into new territory and making them feel comfortable and confident with the new information and experience, it will lead to a positive result!” That’s how Steve approached training as an instructor pilot and how he approaches it as a successful IBO leader. Whether it’s in his Florida office or on stage at Achievers presenting Engage Your Group in Learning or Sponsoring to Help Grow Your Business, his passion and commitment to helping others succeed plays a significant role.

Thriving businesses are led by those who actively build their teams because “they consistently communicate, educate, and duplicate what they do” according to Steve. He emphasizes, “To be really effective, we have to be good at what we do and good at teaching others to do what we do — so they do it well, maybe even better than us. We shouldn’t fear others being as good as us, we should celebrate it!”

Steve praises the training and education available through the Amway Learning Center. He’s thrilled that the corporation has partnered with IBO leaders to present at Achievers. He’s grateful that the Corporation and the Learning Center offer such a wide variety of professional educational resources and world-class training courses for all IBOs. “Not all Approved Providers can offer as many options as there are available through the corporation. Whether an IBO wants to teach team-building or learn how to do product demonstrations, the resources are there (at Amway). Approved Providers don’t have access to scientists, researchers, and lawyers like the corporation does. What a deal for all of us! It’s a huge benefit.”

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  • You can’t find a better person to call your upline diamond. Steve is a true American Hero of mine. He and Annette are leaders par excellence.
    Steve, we love you!!!

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