Te Pei Liu and Mei Jin

Carrying on the Family Legacy – Te Pei Liu used to be a person who was easily contented. Although he was satisfied working in sales, his mother is Holly Chen. As the leader of the largest AMWAY™ distributorship in the world (she was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal), she knew his life could be much better. “She inspired me to become an entrepreneur,” says Te Pei. “With her passion for the business and for the products, she convinced me to reach for more in life.”

Even though he grew up with successful role models, Te Pei soon realized he had a few things to learn about building an AMWAY business. “I had to learn that everybody has different needs,” he says. “But I’m a good listener and eventually I was able to improve my techniques. My mother also taught me never to give in to difficulties,” he adds.

He and his wife, Mei Jin, say being part of the family business, which also includes Te Pei’s two siblings, is wonderful. “To work together as a team, helping each other, and watching a new generation of parents inspire their children, is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do,” says Te Pei.

Indeed, their own two sons, Liu Zhong Hao and Austin Chen, have already expressed interest in joining them someday. “I asked Zhong Hao what appealed to him about it, and he said, ‘You can earn a good income and you get to be with your family a lot,’” Mei Jin says with a smile.

It took me awhile to feel confident. If I had it to do over, I would have no doubts from the very beginning. – Te Pei Liu

Te Pei says that helping others achieve success has helped him become a better person. “I’m more patient and more confident than I was before. I didn’t really realize until I started achieving success myself how much this business truly offers people.”

His success has allowed his family to help the less fortunate, too. For the past 10 years, he has given 10 percent of his income to charities. He often visits the children in one particularly poverty-stricken area. “Being with the kids empowers me to do more because I realize the more successful I am, the more I can help others.”

He says if he hadn’t followed in his parents’ footsteps, “I would probably still be in sales, living a very ordinary life. But today, I have many great friends and have helped people all over the world improve the quality of their lives.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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