The Victors: Meeting IBOs at their Needs is the Secret to Successful Training


Whether it is one-on-one training with a downline IBO, a presentation at Achievers by an IBO leader, or an educational webinar online, Crowns Kathy and Jody Victor agree that you need to meet the audience, large or small, at their needs. That’s why they’re so impressed with the Amway Learning Center and what the team has accomplished in the last few years. They bend over backwards to meet the needs of all IBOs from all walks of life. History has taught us we’re a business of serving people and we need to meet them at their needs. And Kathy adds, the Learning Center is getting better and better at addressing what people need.

At Achievers 2010, Kathy and her son, Joe, co-presented the first Amway social media training course, Social Media and You. Kathy said at the time, she was surprised at how many IBOs were not utilizing Facebook® or Twitter® in their businesses. However the upside of this discovery was that they were catching them before they made mistakes.  Kathy believes the course was successful in reaching a diverse multi-generational audience in that it offered the perspective of a more mature IBO as well as that of a younger, third generation IBO, her son Joe who uses social media regularly in his business.

Kathy recommends to all IBOs that they err on the side of caution when using social media, Utilize the privacy settings. Be extremely careful about locking down your information. Communicate with IBOs on Facebook by creating groups — groups of customers, groups of IBOs. It’s a great way to reach people who rely on mobile devices rather than computers for communication.

Jody has presented at Achievers numerous times, and if you’ve been fortunate enough to attend these sessions, you are aware of his unique ability to connect with the audience — to educate in an engaging and entertaining way. Ask Jody how he does it, and he credits it to growing up in the audience of two greats:  his father, Joe Victor, and Amway co-founder Rich DeVos, who built this business with hard work and communication skills.  He learned from them not to talk at the audience, but rather, to talk with them, to meet them at their needs. As Jody elaborates, I just want to equip IBOs with something they can walk away with and use. Following his Ethics & Integrity presentation with Bob Andrews at Achievers 2012, Jody wanted the IBO audience to think about their actions and the impact they will have on the business for generations to come. To act with integrity and to be accountable for their actions. He shared this saying during the presentation and hopes others think of it in their daily lives,  Your word is your worth, your worth is your word.

The Victors often invite the Learning Center team to present product training at group events. In fact, Jody reports, Gone are the days where we have break-outs for product training. All of the training takes place on center stage at our events. The trainers from the Corporation are entertaining and informative. They’re knowledgeable and reliable. I always trust that the training is going to be good.

Both Kathy and Jody strongly recommend the Learning Center online courses, depending on what the IBO’s specific needs are. For Business Builders, they believe The Fast Track Incentive Program and Making Your Hard Work Count featuring the Amway Business Modeler are a must. Once an IBO takes these courses, they can continue to coach and mentor them. The Victors think the product training online courses are excellent, so they suggest IBOs take courses in areas of particular interest to them. And for any IBO who really wants to boost their retail business or needs to make money fast, Kathy suggests the selling courses.

The Amway Learning Center team has also consulted with experts in communications and research, like Frank Luntz and Jef Pollock, who in Kathy’s words have been stellar for our business. All of the Victors are big fans of the Amway Learning Center team and all it’s done for IBOs and this business, and huge proponents of the ever-growing partnership between the Corporation, IBOAI , and the Field.

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