Tommy Lam and Hai Yan Wu

Tommy Lam knows what it takes to succeed in conventional business, and it’s the very thing that hinders growth in an AMWAY™ business.

“In conventional business, the focus is on self and making money,” says the former owner of a trading company. “In Amway, it’s all about teamwork. It’s a shared vision and group effort.”

After marrying, Tommy and Hai Yan settled in California. She worked for a shipping company, while Tommy studied international business. He also traveled to China periodically to oversee his business.

One day, a classmate presented the AMWAY business opportunity to him. The concept of “relationship before reward” greatly appealed to Tommy’s sense of fairness. “You help yourself by helping others first,” he explains.

“We’ve been inspired by the example of Crown Ambassadors Holly Chen and Barry Chi. It’s so important to train your team on the products and policies, but it’s equally important to cultivate friendships with your team and customers. In our minds, they’re family.”

Now that they’re free of their jobs, Tommy and Hai Yan have even more time to reach out to others.

“We enjoy every moment!” she remarks. Whether they’re talking business – or life – with friends over coffee or spending time with Jessica (10) and Victoria (7), life has newfound meaning.

“There’s no pressure,” Tommy states. “Yes, we work hard every day. We set goals. We check in with our upline and encourage our downlines. But we also have a lot of fun!”

The family loves nothing better than hosting a houseful of people. They also enjoy seeing all the new places their AMWAY business takes them.

“It’s incredible, the lifestyle this business brings,” says Tommy. “Even our family relationships are more loving and supportive.”

Tommy and Hai Yan are especially grateful for the support of his mother, who lives with them. “She brings us business leads all the time and helps with the girls!”

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Emerald Income Disclosure


  • What a great reminder that the real blessing is in giving, not just receiving. Thanks, Tommy!! It’s easy to forget that, when bills and “needs” take the our minds captive and we opt into survival tactics. It’s always about serving.

  • I have a pic with Tommy!!! he is very humorous and excellent mentor!!
    hope you can come back to Toronto again!!

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