Tony and Alice Rodriguez

Just the Beginning –“Like any other business, we’ve had ups and downs, but we’ve had way more ups than downs.” Tony Rodriguez and his wife, Alice Rodriguez, have worked their  AMWAYTM business with for 17 years, and yet, according to Tony, “It feels like we’re (they’re) just getting started.”

Alice, a dual-career professional, used to work 80–100 hours per week in the law firm she started and grew to 13 employees. “I didn’t want to give up my law career, but I knew I needed to diversify,” she explains.

A minister in Alice’s church introduced her to Amway, but she was hesitant at first. “I just started buying the products. I thought, ‘When I have time I’ll start to build this.’” It was not until she met a fellow attorney, who had started his own AMWAY business, that she felt the push she needed to begin building. “He was sharp and had given himself options. For the first time I saw the potential in the business.”

Around the same time Alice was contemplating options beyond law, Tony, who was a U.S. army officer, was questioning his future after retirement from the army. “I was invited to an Amway meeting . . . where the people in the audience seemed sharp and excited. The business seemed very simple,” says Tony. “Initially I just wanted to make $400 a month to help with a car payment. But one thing led to another, and within five years I was doing the business full-time.”

Alice continues to practice law while she and Tony build their businesses. “It has been a very life-enhancing experience,” shares Tony. “The more choices we have, the freer we are. Every year is better than the previous year.” They qualified together for Emerald in 2004 and are now pursuing Diamond.

Big Dreams, Big Rewards

Both Alice and Tony have reaped numerous benefits, tangible and intangible, from being in business with Amway. “One of the greatest rewards is that I really like who I’ve become,” says Tony. “At my 25th college reunion, I felt very different from everybody else. I had a smile on my face and felt more vibrant.” “A gentleman came up to my husband and asked, ”Did you sell your soul to the devil? How can you look so young?” Alice laughs.

One of Alice’s goals is to create an academy for young girls to teach them writing, teaching, and legal skills, among others. “I tell women, ‘Please don’t allow anyone to define success for you,’” says Alice. In early November she hosted a retreat, where young girls took classes and marketed the items they made. “I don’t think I’d ever have the opportunity to empower women this way if attempting to cover overhead working 100 hours a week in my office in Atlanta,” says Alice.

“We don’t work for Amway; we work in partnership. That’s empowering,” adds Tony.


  • Kenya Johnson

    Thank you Tony & Alice for being an example and for constantly being available…Yes!!! Diamond is a done deal….THIS YEAR!!!

  • Tony and Alice we love you very much. You are awesome and Diamonds in BWW. God has many blessings in your future. You will have a large impact on so many lives.

    Larry & Shontae Williams

  • Tny and Alice, You are the best leaders God could have given my wife and I. See you at the Top.

  • Tony and Alice are wonderful leaders in life, not just in the business, but they continually show what right looks like. I dream that one day…I will be able to impact lives with the example that I set, like they have. They help keep success present in my life and help to motivate me to KNOW…BEYOND MEASURE…..THAT I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL….at this too! True Real Life….Go Givers!

  • Joseph Castro

    Tony and Alice are the most amazing couple I have ever known, it is a blessing just to be around you two. Tony and Alice was and are always more then just Diamonds in my heart. God bless you two:)

  • Smita

    I love your story and the passion with which both of you build the business. Thanks for always setting a great example.

  • Brian Payton

    I would like to thank you Tony & Alice for setting the example of Living a life of significance and being a blessing to other people as well.Diamond is a Done Deal in 2012! I’m proud of you guys and Keep up the awesome work!

  • DJ Bridgers

    Tony & Alice I want you all to know that you are the gap fillers in my life. I could not possible have enough money to pay you for what you have done spiritually, emotionally & mentally for me. I thank God everyday for aligning us up together and as a result of it my “Reality Is Bigger Than My Dreams!” Love ya!!

  • Robin E. Weber

    Dear Tony and Alice, You bless us every time we see you. Bryan and I cherish your friendship. Thank you. Thank you too for carrying the BWW banner so high! Know that you are always in our hearts and in our prayers. God bless you.

  • Daniel Brown

    Tony and Alice are amazing leaders for all of Atlanta as well as the rest of the world. Joyce and I are blessed to call them friends. We Declare Diamond for you and your team.

  • “Ain’t live grand when you take a stand” …you guys are truly an inspiration….and you look good too!…Much love…

  • LeShai Brown

    :) !

  • I met Tony and Alice in Chicago years ago and they are awesome servers for the entire Amway family! My wife and Yvette and I owe allot to Tony and Alice because they helped me stay focused during a dark season because of job loss and relocation. Because I did not quit, we went Q12 platinum and were able to meet them again at Achievers!

    We love you Tony and Alice. You will be Diamonds this year!

  • Mxolisi

    Wow Tony & Alice I just wish I could be like you guys one day …I just can’t stop saying wow when reading this article ! Well I just hope that even though i’m a South African guy that is still trying to survive that one day God will make me be like you guys ! Keep up the good work thanks for the excellent things you did ,cos they really are impressing every soul on earth in a way that everyone just feels like saying oh my gosh my wish is to become rich like these people…I know the bible says we shouldn’t wish to have what our neighbors have but hey there’s no other way we just have to !

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