Reflections on the U.S. Dream Academy Gala


 From Steve Woods: …As the woman threw another of the millions of sand dollars back into the ocean, she answered  “well, you might be right, in the grand scheme of things, it might not make any difference. But, she went on to say, to that one, it made all the difference in the world.”

From Kathy & Jody Victor: “Regarding the US Dream Gala … not quite sure how to put into words our feelings on this event. We were greatly inspired by Charles Dutton’s message about taking adversity and turning it into triumph. Such a great message for the young people from troubled homes to hear … to know that they can break the cycle and become productive citizens and be able to give back themselves. We are proud to be able to be a part of this very worthwhile project and are very pleased that Amway Global has chosen to give their support. We look forward to raising even more funds for next year’s event.


That’s how Annette and I felt at the Gala for the US Dream Academy. The unfortunate reality is that perhaps hundreds of thousands, of children, through no fault of their own, live lives of desperation. To simply do nothing is unacceptable. The attendees at the Gala made their position clear. Every child is a miracle of God, given to us to nurture and mold, to one day help shape the future of mankind.

The US Dream Academy, is a wonderful example of how a privately funded organization can use the resources provided by individuals from both sides of the political aisle, different races, talents and skills as well as visionary corporations, to provide an environment for educational, social, and spiritual growth for these amazing  boys and girls. To have one of our own, Jody Victor, as the Chairman of the Board of the Academy and one of Amway/Alticor’s top worldwide Directors, Jim Payne, on the Academy’s Board of Directors, makes me especially proud to be a supporter of the US Dream Academy and an Amway Global IBO.

Visit the IBOAI blog to see photos more of the evening.

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  • What a tremendous gigt to give. I am continuously impressed by the hearts of the Amway Corporation and Amway Distributors. Art

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