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Learning to love people – When your life consists of packaging salads all day long or spending the bulk of your day working construction, it’s hard to dream of “more,” Valente Alcaraz reflects.

“We hardly saw each other because Claudia’s shift at the warehouse was always changing,” he recalls. Besides not having time for each other, “we were barely surviving (financially).”

Valente jokes that his original vision for his and Claudia’s Amway™ business “didn’t reach beyond the end of my nose!” Seeing it simply as a source of extra income, he “had no idea there’d be such great incentive rewards, the option to eventually leave our jobs, and incredible personal growth. This business has completely improved our lives!”

Perhaps the greatest benefit – besides overcoming their own doubts and fears – has been “learning to love people,” he says. “The majority of people we present the business to don’t have the vision (for how it can transform their lives). You see their fears and it’s like looking at your former self. You start depositing trust and belief into their lives when you tell them, ‘You can do it!’”

That coaching can make all the difference to an IBO’s success, they believe. “We thank God for our upline leaders,” Valente says. “And for our team,” adds Claudia. “We love sowing into their lives and celebrating their successes.”

She and Valente also love hanging out with their daughter Celeste (9) and look forward to taking more trips together. “We want to see Brazil, Spain, and Mexico, where our parents are from,” Valente says. “Our first goal, however, is to buy a house we own free and clear.”

Recently, Celeste was asked what she wants to be when she grows up. “An Emerald,” she replied, “because then you can take your kids to Orlando and have more time and money.”

“She’s one smart cookie!” Valente remarks.

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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