Vidya and Rama Tatipamula

Curiosity and support help build an international business – “The only reason I went to a meeting about the AMWAY™ business opportunity was because I was curious,” admits Vidya Tatipamula. “All the IBOs I met were professionals with good careers, so it intrigued me why they would build it.”

Although he was looking for an additional source of income outside of his database administration job, Vidya just couldn’t see himself building a network marketing business. “I’m an introvert, not an outgoing person or a people person,” he says.

What he didn’t anticipate was Rama’s enthusiasm for starting an AMWAY business.

“I was very excited!” she says. However, both admit they had a lot of challenges to work through, such as Vidya’s shyness, the fact that neither of them had any experience in business or retailing, and their lack of a network. “Since we’d just arrived from India, we didn’t know a lot of people here,” she explains.

“It wasn’t easy and it took time. But, thanks to our upline’s incredible support, we were able to learn the skills needed and overcome those challenges,” Vidya replies.

Rama says they find the motivation to keep moving forward from the look of hope in new IBOs’ eyes. “The prospect of leaving our jobs also motivates us,” Vidya says, smiling.

“We want to be able to spend more time together and with our boys, Rohith (15) and Mayukh (8),” she explains. “We also want to help people here and back home in India, where we’re expanding our business,” Vidya adds.

Keeping tabs on their international business has never been easier.

“We’re impressed with how Amway’s taking advantage of the current technology, especially social networking,” he says. “Facebook®, QR codes on catalogs, videos on YouTube® – they’ve all added incredible value to our business. We can keep in touch with our customers and team, and run our business right from the palm of our hand.”

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  • Somasundaram

    Very good, congratulations, your story is inspiration to all IBOs.

  • They are the best of the best examples to follow.
    Very proud to be in their LOS and have them as uplines.

  • Vidya&Rama you are the true inspiration for lot of people.You changed thousands of people life around the world. We will do what ever it takes to become Amway diamond with your support.

  • Vinay & Veni

    Incredible couple! Exemplifies genuine care, leadership and commitment to the team. Truly proud to be part of their team. THANK YOU VIDYA & RAMA!

  • Couple who impacted people around the world for better..

  • Thank you Vidya & Rama for setting the exceptional examples for us to grow in the business. We are following your leadership and soon will be on this magzine.

  • Sathya Thiru

    Congrats Vidya and Rama. You are truly inspiring..

  • Nalbandhu Sainath

    Congratulations Vidya and Rama….This was Phenomenal story and one of the best from best of best leaders… Firedup..!!!!

  • Prasad Mallavalli

    Congratulations Vidya and Rama Tatipamula very proud to be in the LOS and whatever you do for us..

  • Yours is a truly inspiring story Vidya and Rama!! We learn a lot from you.., proud to be mentored and coached by you!! We will be biggest part of your Diamond going team!

  • Uday Manne

    Thank you Vidya & Rama your story gave hope to lot of us. You were least judgmental in serving the team unconditionally. Proud to be part of your team. I will show my respect by growing leaps and bounds in the business.

  • muralee

    We are witting for you at Toronto.

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