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Courage and Consistency Lead to Success – Ask former civil engineer Vladimir Pándura why he and Susana decided to pursue an Amway™ business and his answer comes quickly: “One, because there was little financial risk, we had nothing to lose. Two, the income was going to be cumulative, which was very appealing. And three, I realized it was a family business. That’s when I said, ‘This is for us!’” Susana was a little more hesitant. “I thought, ‘Why would we want to be in the knocking-on-doors business?’” She soon learned that’s not really what an Amway business is all about. Their eyes were opened to its true potential when they began reading materials and going to large events. “We believed that anyone could do this business if you just have the courage to try,” says Vladimir.

Temporary sacrifices Once their business began to take off, they worried about the responsibility they had to others. “Many people trusted us and depended on us, so we worked really hard,” recalls Susana. “It was not always easy to leave home to go to meetings, but we knew the sacrifice was temporary and that hard work was required. Success does not come overnight.” Each found that their talents complemented the other’s. They discovered they were good leaders, too, motivating and inspiring others to follow their advice.

In the process of gradually educating ourselves, we help others become aware of the meaning of ‘compassionate capitalism.’ – Vladimir Pándura

No excuses They also learned how to identify other potential leaders in their group. “They’re the ones who don’t make excuses and who want to learn more about Amway as a company, what their values are, what the training is like, and so on,” says Vladimir. “Those are the people we see become leaders.” When training leaders, their golden rule is to be consistent, with one vision and one mission. “We talk a lot about congruency,” says Susana, making sure all the parts and pieces fit together as one. When leaders do emerge, they seem to have three common traits: commitment, patience, and flexibility. “You have to be flexible with people in order to succeed,” emphasizes Vladimir, “and you have to have determination, too.” The couple strongly believe this is a great time to be in the Amway business. “We feel very fortunate to have chosen this path,” says Vladimir. “I think we are riding on a wave that is continuing to grow, and it is so exciting to be part of it.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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