Wei Sun and Chu-I Liu

“I’m a really lucky guy!” says Wei “Wayne” Sun. “First, I met my wife. Second, I learned about the AMWAY™ business through her. I never expected anything so great when I came to the United States.”

Wayne owned a home furnishings store in China when he “felt the need to prove myself” in the land of the free. He worked as a waiter and professional acrobat for four years, first at Disney World and then on its Princess cruise line. Then a friend from Las Vegas called to tell him there was an opening at his travel agency.

That’s where his path crossed Chu-I’s. “We met in the casino,” he says. “And, yes, it was love at first sight.”

Chu-I was in Las Vegas with her parents, Crown Ambassadors Holly Chen and Barry Chi, on business. It wasn’t until she returned to Taiwan that the AMWAY business opportunity came up over the phone.

“If you can start a business with little startup cost and no inventory, why not?” he thought.

Wayne started by using NUTRILITE® DOUBLE X® vitamin/mineral/phytonutrient and couldn’t wait to tell others about it and all things Amway! Within two months, he had eight downlines. A short time later, he had a business partner in his wife, Chu-I.

“We’re a really good match,” he says. “I’m good at meeting people, and she’s good at leading our team. I never envisioned this lifestyle,” he muses of their growing international business. “We’re working hard to offer it to as many people as we can.”

Yet they also enjoy being able to schedule time at home to nurture the needs of their young family, too. Three-year-old Elizabeth and her parents welcomed baby Ethan in February.

“The AMWAY business opportunity is an opportunity for a better life,” Wayne believes. “It takes time, belief, and dedication. But nothing feels better than recharging people’s hope batteries!”

AchieveMag Emerald Income Disclosure

Emerald Income Disclosure

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  • luis gaviria

    Siempre la primera oportunidad real y clara es amway…una vez masen manos de nuestra gente el sueño americano es mundial

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