Welcome to Ada, Ganesh Shenoy!

Watch the video of Ganesh’s Welcome at Amway’s World Headquarters

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Check out some of the photos from Ganesh’s Double Diamond Celebration!

The above photos and many, many more from Achieve Magazine are available at flickr.com/AchieveMagazine


  • Thank you Ganesh for leading by example.
    You have touched so many peoples life as a result of your achievement.

    “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – That is you Ganesh Shenoy….

    Thank you for everything you do for us, our team and every one in Amway…
    Palitha & Mala Jayasinghe

  • Jay & Savita from Sydney

    Congratulations for the big achievement. We are truly blessed to be part of your organisation. Thank you for giving us a vision and thank you for showing us a way to achieve our dreams and goals.

    Jay & Savita from Sydney, Australia.

  • Iqbal & Priya

    Congratulation Ganesh Shenoy
    You inspires us
    With Love
    Iqbal & Priya

  • you are awesome Ganesh.My favorite speaker. You did it.

  • Congratulations on such a magnificent accomplishment. I have always found a great role model in you. You have shown the way for millions to follow.


  • neeraj

    Congratulations Ganesh Shenoy !!!! What a victory !
    -Neeraj & Shailly

  • Congratulations!!!
    Ganesh, you are the hero for me and for my team! I am very proud to be part of your Organization!!! May God Bless you more and more so that you can inspire more and more people day after day. You make us feel we can do it too which is one of Amway’s mottos. We can do it too..thanks…You give us that feeling!

    Aung Oo

    Atlanta, GA

  • Shyam & Poonam

    Hello Ganesh Shenoy

    We completely agree with Palitha & Mala. You have changed lives of many people around the world including us. Can’t thank you enough. You are always in our prayers. Congratulations!!

    Shyam & Poonam, Adelaide Australia

  • Avtar

    Thank you very much Ganesh for being a role model and inspiration for us. We are learning so much from you.

    Avtar & Chaman

  • Jai & Divya (Singapore)

    Heartiest Congratulations Ganesh Shenoy….
    You have been a great inspiration to us & our entire organization.
    Its so true when leaders said, its your crossline who builds you a huge biz, through their growth. You have been the spark in our teams growth.
    Thank you very much for all that you do.
    With Love,

    Jai & Divya

  • Maneesh Singh

    Its Awesome & very Motivating


    Maneesh & Leena
    Lucknow India

  • Anil & Sneha Jaganiya

    Congratulation Double Diamond Ganesh Shenoy.

    You have proven it once again that the DREAM is real. We also have the same in store for us and our family.

    Your teachings and leadership have inspired us every day in our life.

    Thank you for all that you do for us and our team.

    Anil & Sneha Jaganiya

  • Thiresh & Sarada

    We only see these kind of VIP treatment in movies only Ganesh. But we had seen this in reality. Thank you very much for building our dreams Ganesh Shenoy & Amway.

  • Somesh and Kriti


    Thankyou for your great example.
    You have directly and indirectly inspired many many to stay steady and get the business big for themselves. There are many successful people but not many can inspire and influence others like you have done and continue to do.

    Somesh & Kriti

  • Congratulations!!!! Ganesh. For setting an example and showing a path to the people. You are defnitely a great inspiration for me and many others.

  • Krishna & Pallavi Pakala

    Thank you Ganesh !!!! It is a blessing to be part of your organization. Thank you for the leadership & example you set for all of us. We will be a very big part of your Worldwide organization.
    With Love & Respect,
    Krishna & Pallavi

  • Krishna & Pallavi Pakala

    Thank You for everything you do for us Ganesh!! Its such a blessing to be in your organization!! Appreciate your Leadership and Example!!! We’ll be a very big part of your worldwide organization!!

    Love & Respect,
    Krishna & Pallavi

  • Krishna & Pallavi Pakala

    Thank you Ganesh !! Blessed to be part of your organization! We’ll be big part of your worldwide leadership team! Thanks for your leadership and example!

    Love & Respect,
    Krishna & Pallavi

  • Mukesh & Mital (Singapore)

    Congratulations :Ganesh & Neha Shenoy
    We are very proud and under best of the best LOS, Awesome pictures , You are our favourite speaker and inspire , Motivate us lot ,together with our upline Devang – Tejal ,Dave – Heena we are following you to achive our dreams and Goals

    Mukesh & Mital

  • Rashmi




  • Thank you Ganesh for setting the great example for all of us to follow. We are so very much blessed to have you in our life. Congratulation for such an achievement!! We will follow your footstep and make it happen for our family! God bless!!

    Ashraf & Selina
    Dallas, Texas


    Heartiest Congratulations Sir. YOU ARE OUR HERO


    Radha & Joga Rao

  • Mo Ashif Rahim

    Hi Ganesh ,
    Warm Congratulations!
    May the success that has come your way today lead you to a bigger achievement in the years to come -all the continents.
    You are the one who can inspire/ empower others, so you deserve the best

    Mo Ashif Rahim, Canberra, Australia

  • p. ramakrishna + manjula devi

    dear ganesh shenoy,

    congratulations on your double diamond achievement. !!! i am very much proud to say that a boy from mangalore had made it happen. we are part of TD group in india, hyderabad

  • Prasanna & Shyamalie

    Congratulations Ganesh,

    We are so blessed to be led by a leader who lead by examples. You have influenced in us so much. You are a leader with full of confidence combined with direction, guidance and pass success.

    We are blessed to be part of your team. Cannot wait to see you here in UK next week.

  • Dear Ganesh,

    It feels like just yesterday when Krishna and Pallavi & Murali and Archana introduced me to you. Little did I know at that time you would be the inspiration to all of us to change how we think about life and more importantly how we view ourselves.

    Life has changed for us so much. I’m a better friend, co-worker, uncle, brother ,son, spiritual leader, Upline, & Downline because of who you are and what you have taught us.

    We will prove to you that we will overcome to become, one of your most United, Diversified, and Rapidly expanding teams worldwide.

    We love you,
    Plano, TX

  • Nikesh & Seema

    Heartiest Congratulations Ganesh !!!!!
    What a awesome victory and lifestyle. Your pics says it all. Thanks for being a light house showing right direction for the entire Shenoy champs !!!!!
    Would like to thank you and our uplines Praveen and Sudha, Vivek and Shanti for all they have done for us and our team. !!!!
    Best is yet to come !!!!

  • Nikesh & Seema(Bangalore)

    Heartiest Congratulations Ganesh !!!!

    Wow what a victory and lifestyle…Ganesh you have always been an example and light house for the team to follow…Feeling so great seeing your pictures. Thanks for all you have done for your entire, and would like to thank our uplines also Praveen and Sudha ,Vivek and Shanti for all they have done for us and our team. !!!!
    Making it happen here in Bangalore and across the globe.

  • Neeraja

    Congratulations Mr.Ganesh Shenoy,
    You are an Inspiration and a great Role Model.
    Every CD of your\’s is power house of Motivation.
    Thank you for impacting my life.

  • Rishi And Lila, Sydney

    WOW Ganesh!
    So exited to see the Video of your Double Diamond Celebration. Thank you very much for being the proof of achievement for many people. Real Hero you are making other people’s life better with you circle of influence and the guidance to follow and learn to lead . It is our blessing to belong to your leadership in all the way to Sydney Australia.
    We are so exited. Thanks once again.
    “So many people are and will be better of because of your leadership and helping attitude.”

    Rishi and Lila
    Part Of Jayasinghe Team Sydney.

  • Pablo Rodriguez(Dallas, Texas)

    Coming at you from Dallas, Texas with a big congratulations and proud to be in the team of Ganesh Shenoy as a Double Diamond now! You set the example and went for success. Now there are more leaders following your example and I feel blessed to witness this as I too will follow your example!

    With love and Respect,

    Pablo Rodriguez, from Dallas, Texas.

  • Hey Ganesh

    Thanks for being who you are, you always have been a great inspiration!!


  • Sakshi Aggarwal

    Congratulations Ganesh !

    You’ve always been the person i’ve looked up to , thanks for all the teachings you gave us. and heartiest congrats for your freedom , and achievements :)

    You have set the right footsteps for us. and we all are truly gonna follow them with whole heart :)

    Love and Respect,


    Thank you for continue to inspire, empower and lead by example for everyone to follow. You surely have impacted your team but we cross lines have learnt so much through your unbiased teachings – THANK YOU !!!!

    Absolutely You Can Do It !!! been by far one of our best CD(s) to keep us going on – Thanking You & Entire BWW System !!!

    Will cyu soon @ Acheivers – 2013 !!

    Wishing You Many More Pins !!!

    Ajit & Priya
    Windsor, Canada

  • Congratulation Ganesh!!!!,
    This was amazing dream building session which we can’t see in normal life to normal crowd, you did it by an example and set up a hieght for us to follow. Incredible Amway corporation!, Tremendous treatment for achivers and what grand receptions, its just unbelivable.

  • Congratulation Ganesh!!!
    This was an incredible dream building session for us Ada,MI. It was treat for us to see the Private Jet and having tremendous treatment for you, Aditya and Ayush, thanks for leading by an example, We are fortunate to be in your LOS, what a incredible Amway corporation!! This is awesome stuff.

  • ameet ganvir

    fired up! i am your downline and i have commited myself that one day i am coming to meet my real hero. that is one of my dream . thank u ganesh for being a role model for me and thousands of people accros the globe.

  • Avinash Yashaswini

    Ganesh you are superb.

    We listen to your CD’s —– Everyday….

    Avinash Yasaswini Mangalore

  • Kuldeep Yadav

    Dear Ganesh, many congratulations to you!!

    I still remember I saw you as an Emerald Direct in Pune back in 2001 and now as a Double Diamond!!

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