Congratulations to the Winners of A Winning Combination Sales Contest!


Through their outstanding hard work and dedication to building a balanced business, these IBOs earned the grand prize in the most recent sales contest.  In June and July, not only did they visit exciting Sao Paulo, Brazil, to take in a key match at the world soccer championship, they were also whisked away for some fun and relaxation on beautiful Peter Island.  Better still, they had the opportunity to experience it all in the company of their upline Diamond!


Grand Prize Winners

  • Vivek Khattri
  • Lingyu & Qian Zhang
  • Nousta Audate Dieudonne
  • Juan Manuel & Maria Hernandez
  • Steve & Megan Hill
  • Brian and Lori Levi
  • Cale & Aura Andrews
  • Joshua Runge
  • Luis & Maria Chavez
  • Randy & Raye-Lynn Jassman
  • Sun Sik Kim & Sung Eun Han
  • Joyce Yee Pan & Wing Chi Lai


Sweepstakes Winners

Congratulations are also in order for the following IBOs. Through A Winning Combination Sweepstakes, they earned an unforgettable trip to Brazil to see a world championship soccer match.

  • Nhi Bui
  • Rafael & Katiusca Oller
  • Hal Newball
  • Hochang & Inkoung Lee
  • Henry & Guerly Morales
  • Emmanuel & Maria Flores
  • Juan Delgado
  • Christian Mateo
  • Sebastian Murciano
  • Leonardo Urena & Miledy Garcia
  • Roberto Ayala
  • Ricardo & Celina Arreguin
  • Richard & Gail Taira
  • Sivaranjith & Jegitha Sivanathan
  • Gerald & Theresa Kaneshiro
  • Ryder & Nicole Erickson
  • Edgardo Guzman & Wilma Lozada
  • Enrique Gonzalez and Maria Del Carmen Rodriquez


Monthly Sales Contest Winners

Congratulations to each of the following IBOs for scoring the most “goals” in A Winning Combination sales contest and earning an Apple® iPad® tablet.

Way to Go!

  • January winners: Miguel Brito and Alexia Montano, Dominican Republic
  • December winners: Cale and Aura Andrews, Florida
  • November winners: Galindo and Carmen Martinez, New York
  • October winners: Raul Cid, Dominican Republic
  • September winners: Nousta Dieudonne, Dominican Republic
  • August winners:  Ryder and Nicole Erickson, Washington
  • July winners: Jose Otazu and Escali Gonzalez, Dominican Republic