Winning the Game of Life – Christine Barrows

Christine Barrows, Sapphire. As a star collegiate basketball player from Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada, Christine Barrows planned to move overseas after graduation and go pro. But an injury completely erased her hopes for a career as a professional athlete. After graduating with a degree in psychology, she struggled to overcome the loss of her dream.

“For the first time in my life, I felt average, and I hated that,” Christine says. “I needed something.”

She struggled for months, and finally accepted a consulting job. Then, real opportunity showed up. “I ran into a fellow basketball player from our [university] men’s team. He told me about Amway,” she says. “I thought this would be something to give me that winning feeling back.”

Today, Christine admits she knew very little about what she was getting into. Still, her enthusiasm generated lots of initial interest, which fueled her success. “I’m a really excited person and found it easy to get others to feel the same way,” Christine says. “The relationships and leadership experiences I had developed in sports and work helped too. I finally felt like I was achieving something again!”

But just a year and a half later, Christine faced a disheartening truth: “I was living in competitive mode, trying to apply my athletic training to my business – I must be the biggest and the best, the fastest,” she says. “But by now, I had lost a lot of my initial business.”

Christine found inspiration from upline coaches. “I had a lot to learn, but they helped me switch my thinking to a different approach,” she says.

She refocused her business efforts and began to see the business not as a competition but as a foundation of people, products, and relationships. With her mentors’ help, she started again.

“It’s 100% different now,” she says. “It’s about meeting people and putting the emphasis on relationships.”

She still sets goals but realizes that relationships come first, and it’s essential to meet people where they are. “If you take the time prior to sponsoring someone to see if they have a work ethic, a dream, and are accountable, that ends the revolving door,” she says.

With the guidance of her mentors, Christine’s new “training” approach has paid off. A sapphire and growing, she is totally focused on her Amway™ business… with her new husband, Jayson, on board.

She says she also has her mentor to thank for him, too. “One day, she called and said, ‘I think I just met your future husband,’” Christine recalls. “We went out and we knew it was meant to be. We’re very excited about working together and have lots of goals,” Christine says. “We are passionate about our families and we want to just give and give and give!

“I would never be married, free, and have my faith, if not for the people who reached out and really wanted to be part of my life,” she says. “That changed everything.”

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