Writing the story for a better life – Wenzy & Luz Marina Diez

Wenzy & Luz Marina Diez, Platinum, started in business February 2007, Tampa, Florida

Today, Wenzy and Luz Marina Diez are living their own love story. While they’ve had their share of hardship and rocky moments, overcoming these challenges has only made them a stronger couple. They hope to inspire others by telling how Amway showed them the way to a better life and happier chapters in their life story.

Teenage sweethearts a lifetime ago in Columbia, Luz and Wenzy found each other again. Luz came to the states to pursue her passion, a career in nursing and raise kids from her first marriage. Wenzy remained closer to home: he became an accomplished engineer.

About five years ago, he gave it all up for his love of Luz.

“He was a respected manager with a good salary and benefits. He left his job, family, and friends for me, so we could finally be together,” continues Luz.

Due to the language barrier, it was difficult for Wenzy, an educated professional, to adjust in the U.S. and find work in his field. “I ended up cooking hamburgers and working the fryer at a restaurant. It was grungy, the hours were crazy, and the pay was miserable.”

Wenzy was desperately unhappy when a friend asked them to look at the Amway business opportunity. He was able to understand immediately because it was in Spanish. He remembers thinking, “I can afford this. I get this. I can learn it. I can do it!”

Luz says Wenzy’s passion for their Amway business turned his life back around. “He’s himself again. When he speaks, people’s eyes light up. And so does my heart.”

Wenzy and Luz continue to discover a happier lifestyle, with more together time and financial opportunity than they could imagine. Luz says, “We’re so grateful for the beauty the business brings to our lives. Our goal is to replace my income, so we can spend even more time with each other. I’ll continue nursing – but as a volunteer.”

 The average monthly gross income earned by “active” IBOs was $115 (U.S.)/$181 (CAN.).

The percentage of IBOs who achieved Double Diamond and above qualification in FY08 was .0038%.

Based on an independent survey during 2001, approximately 66% of all IBOs of record were found to be active. “Active” means an IBO attempted to make a retail sale, or presented the Amway Global Independent Business Owner Compensation Plan, or received bonus money, or attended a company or IBO meeting in the year 2000.

“Gross Income” means the amount received from retail sales, minus the cost of goods sold, plus the amount of Performance Bonus retained. There may be significant business expenses, mostly discretionary, that may be greater in relation to income in the first years of operation. The success depicted may reflect income and investments outside the IBO Plan.


  • Aura Andrews

    Congratulations Champions!!! We are very proud of you! 2011 will be even bigger for you and your whole team. Love! C&A Andrews

  • evelyn figueroa

    whaoooooooooooooo, q linda istoria me da tanto gusto de estar en este negocio y poder compartir con ustedes todos los exitos, les deceamos lo mejor mi esposo y yo , y porsupuesto q sabes q seran los proximos DIAMANTES a buena hora , q dios los bendiga y bamos pa delant a ya nos veremos compartiendo nuestras historias y disfrutando de la nueva vida q nos espera, los queremos mucho besos y saludos bye………….

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations guys! You’re story is inspirational to us :) Cheers from Australia.

  • Mateo Urán

    Tio y luzma felicitaciones!

  • Mateo Urán


  • Claudia Maria Díez

    wences y luzma estamos muy orgullosos porque han logrado una de sus metas, sigan adelante que pronto seran diamantes.
    Les deseamos lo mejor.

  • Richard Pope

    Congratulations Wenzy & Luz Marina Diez from one of your many fans!

  • Attila & Eniko

    What an inspiration you are! So happy to now you!

  • Strong work Wenzy and Luz Marina! You are the heroes for your family.
    Hank and I congratulate you. Patsy Hunt

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