Xiao Guang Feng and Jian Li



“I see big returns in the future” – Jian Li has a knack for business. He’s dabbled in real estate, international trade, and investments. Until 2007, he owned three successful Chinese restaurants across the country. Everything he touched seemed to turn to gold. The only problem was he had to keep his hands on it constantly.

“There’s no future in traditional business,” he believes. “When you stop working, the business stops. Moreover, there is no help. It’s all on you.”

While it provided his wife, Xiao Guang Feng, and their daughters Tiffany (11) and Sabrina (9) a nice lifestyle, his vocation didn’t foster good relationships.

“When we met our business mentors, our marriage was in trouble,” Jian recalls. “We were attracted to the atmosphere around them. We knew they were successful, yet they were happy. Before they ever approached us about starting an Amway™ business, they taught me how to be a better person. I respect that.”

The more Jian looked into starting an independent Amway business, the more he liked what he saw. “With Amway you can control your time, build wherever you want, and receive help to grow. In conventional business there’s too much risk, competition, and headaches.”

“Our Amway business has changed everything,” Xiao Guang adds, including their relationship. “The environment and help from our mentors has made my husband kinder, happier.”

Jian especially enjoys spending time with his young daughters. (Sons Tyrone and Horace are grown.) “I love being able to take them to piano and ballet and go swimming together,” he says.

They also enjoy traveling as a family. “We love talking to people and sharing the business wherever we go,” says Jian. “We want to share what’s worked for us. I see big returns in the future!”

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