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“We need to teach people to fish” – Yue-Ying Li has always enjoyed helping people. An acupuncturist and M.D. trained in Chinese medicine, Yue-Ying was invited to the United States to teach at the graduate level. Before long, “I got licensed and started my own practice,” she says.

One day a friend introduced her to NUTRILITE® nutritional supplements. “I started buying them for myself, then for friends and family.” As she learned more about building an Amway™ business based on the sale of those supplements (plus hundreds of other products), “I believed I could do it,” she says.

Her advice to new IBOs? Understand the products first.

“The products are great, from NUTRILITE to ARTISTRY® skincare and cosmetics to e-Spring® water purifiers, which I have in my home and office. But training is so important! If you don’t know the products inside out – or the business opportunity, for that matter – you will confuse people. That only hurts you and the business in general.”

Today, Yue-Ying’s focus in her practice isn’t just on healing. “The best doctor is not the one who knows how to deal with disease,” she says. “The best doctor is the one who knows how to prevent it. And nutrition plays a big part in that.”

While sharing the benefits of the products is rewarding, Yue-Ying derives the greatest satisfaction from helping people “discover their gifts and abilities” through Amway business ownership. “I really believe the proverb, ‘If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.’ If we’re going to change poverty in this world, we need to teach people to fish.”

Yue-Ying’s prescription for self-care includes “getting out in nature,” traveling (“because living in L.A. is stressful”), and visiting her son Xiao (26) in Arizona.

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