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A Business Built on the Personal Touch – As a police officer, Luke Paik had a respectable income and was fairly content with life. But Yukyong, who was a fashion designer, had started thinking outside the proverbial box after attending a few Amway™ business meetings – eight to be exact.

Although they had been using Amway products for a while, Yukyong wanted to understand more about what the business was all about. “All of a sudden she started talking to me about the dreams she had,” recalls Luke. “At first, I wondered what was going on. I mean, I had been married to this woman for seven years and never heard her talk about anything like that before!”

A closer look
So he decided to take a closer look himself at the opportunity. “He thought it was great and could see like I did that it was a different way of looking at life,” says Yukyong. He was even more impressed when Yukyong began achieving the short-term goals she was setting for herself.

Then, he, too, began dreaming of a better life. They had a young child and he could see that the business offered them more choices. “I could still be a police officer and pursue this part time,” he thought. “I can choose how much or how little I want to work at it.”

If you compare where you were five years ago with where you are today, and there hasn’t been any movement, then you need to start thinking about your dreams. – Luke Paik

Learning from mentors
Although neither Luke nor Yukyong were outgoing or particularly social, they learned a great deal from their mentors. “We watched them closely and we learned how to do things the right way,” says Luke. “We could see that the personal touch is very important in this business,” adds Yukyong. “It’s all about relationships, sitting down and talking one-on-one with your business partners to encourage them and teach them how to do things properly.”

They feel that everyone has what it takes to succeed. “We all have certain gifts and positive traits that can be nurtured and brought out,” says Luke, adding that hard work and dedication are also required. “There is so much potential in the Amway business. It just takes a strong commitment.”

He’s grateful Yukyong encouraged him to open up his mind – and dream about the life they could be leading. “If you don’t have goals or dreams you can work toward, then how do you know where you’re going?” he asks. “Just look where our dreaming took us.”

Diamond Income Disclosure

Diamond Income Disclosure

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