Yusuf Ali and Maka Ahmed

Different Worlds – Where Yusuf Ali and his wife, Maka Ahmed, grew up, they did not have a Mall of America or Twins baseball games. In Somalia, life for them was fraught with the challenges of basic survival.

Fortunately, Yusuf and Maka were able to stay strong and gain residency in a much safer and more stable environment in Minnesota, where they now live with their four children. Although they live thousands of miles away from the country they once called “home,” they have not forgotten the Somali people who are still suffering. “I never forget,” says Maka. “I think about them every day.”

“We give 10% of our income and time back to that community. We know what people left behind are going through,” explains Yusuf. “Mentally, we never left.”

Have Hope
Over the past few years the couple has been active in promoting awareness of the severe conditions in which Somalis live in their war-stricken home country.

“Last year 25,000 children died during the month that I was visiting Somalia,” shares Yusuf. “There was a woman who walked for 30 days while carrying her baby just to get food.”

“Here, my older kids complain when I’m not home to prepare food for them; there, kids cry because they don’t have any food at all,” adds Maka.“

Yusuf’s intention is not to depress people with sad stories and pictures. He and Maka want to encourage people to give by telling them that there are ways to help the Somali people, that hope is far from lost.

“I formed a Somalia Advisory Counsel in Minnesota, which guides the American Refugee Committee in the work they do in Somalia,” says Yusuf. “A year ago we started 1,000 Giving $1,000. If 1,000 people raise $1,000, then that’s a million dollars!” The money is funding the establishment of a center in Somalia, where male teens will gain skills in mechanics, carpentry, and construction, among others. “Having the center will give people jobs and hope, and reduce extremism and violence,” adds Yusuf.

Meanwhile, troubled Somali male youths in Minnesota, which is now home to the largest Somali community in the U.S., are conquering battles of a different nature.

“Children come here when they’re five or six years old and may not have parents who speak English, or may not even have a mother or a father. They aren’t given the guidance they need, and many times they end up in trouble at school or worse – in jail.

“Through mentorship from IBOs, we’ve been able to help these kids. One 19-year old is in his last year of high school and is about to be Platinum. In October he said to someone that he had been selling drugs a year ago,” shares Yusuf.

What the Future Holds
Yusuf and Maka are currently working with the University of Minnesota’s College of Education and plan to open a college for K–6 teachers in Somalia. Their goal is to reach Double Diamond by 2015.

“We need to be financially stronger so that we can fund our initiatives and have more time to travel to raise awareness,” says Yusuf.

“We do whatever we can do,” says Maka. “If you give, you get.”


  • Upline (Ali& Makka)u both are awesome! No words can describe your deeds ! Thank You for being an inspiration and setting an right example for all of us in order to hold our dreams stronger and longer! seattle 300 ur dream is done deal! Proud to be a part of ur team and mentored by u both and Mahad & Sadhiya, Ben & Tam, Hanam, Charlie!!!! Thank you all for making my life colorful and making wonders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE u both uplines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • From MOHAMUD part of team (Prince): Congratulations we are
    Very happy and excited for both of you, on your achievements. I am
    Really proud and inspired by what you both have done. Words can
    Not explain it. May both of your goals and wishes be fulfilled!! Ameen.

  • Ritu Bhanja

    Truly Inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  • Mwaura

    Ali & Maka, You have inspired us to dream bigger. Thanks for being such big givers and for making a difference in our lives. We are blessed to be part of your organization.
    Mwaura & Eva

  • ilhan Dahir

    My mentors and upline emerald, you are a maverick. I am proud to be part of this history making team, can’t wait to see you go diamond on the stage of BWW…………..Cheers.

  • Aslam & Arfi Jamal

    I had great job offers in different states but when I heard Yusuf Ali at one of conference in New York, I decided to follow this guy to Minnesota. We does not belong to Yusuf Ali’s team but he is my local upline leader. The best leader I ever met in my life. Bless to associate with this couple on weekly bases in bww meetings.

  • Ilham Nur

    I am blessed that I mentored by Ali and Makka I am glad I am part of the History that they are making

  • Mukesh & Agila

    Thanks for being such tremendous leaders, examples and trend setters. You have always been one of our inspirations.

    Mukesh & Agila

  • Negash Arefa

    Ali and Maka, You are truly an inspiration for all of us to expand our horizon and reach out to those who are less fortunate. Your story has given us more fuel and aspiration to follow our dreams.
    Thanks and God Bless you.
    Negash& Aziza

  • I am so happy that you guys are a great visionary for your community and diversify people
    We mustafa and asha are blessed to be part of great legend yusuf and maka. Again thank you for a big heart you guys have for everybody.

  • Arif and Zainab Syed

    Ali And Makka…Thank you for moving on and giving us hope that if you guys can do it, so can we! We love you guys and we will make it happen in the Kumar Team!!

    Arif and Zainab Syed
    Dallas, Tx.

  • Sariah

    Hey, Ali I am so happy for you! Hope all your dreams come true because you deserve it.

  • Khaja's Team

    We are so Excited to see you in Achievers , as a Brand new Emeralds,

    we are BR Dawood zwink team, upline Diamond Sajid and sarwat sayed and met with you many functions, Thanks for inspiring all of us and setting the example, anybody can succeed in this Bussiness…

  • Ali and Maka,
    We are blessed to have you in our lives. May God bless you for all you have done for us. The world is a better place because of people like you. Thank you.
    Bashir and Abshiro

  • Manojkumar

    I love amway & amway product.

  • Faisal & Anisa

    ALL in One-One for ALL, (Far kaliyah Fool Madhaqdo) Ali & Maka have been true Parents, mentors,Family and Friends for us and we don’t take them lightly. This is beginning and we look forward to many more stories of success.,

    Fanasial Team.

  • abdulahi chill

    “We might not have it all together, but together we have it all” A lesson I learned from Ali and makka, and that is a lesson I will not forget, I appreciate everything that you have done for me, and the Fanasial team, we are blessed to have you as mentors.

  • Bujhawan Team

    Ali and Mka
    Your Story gives us hope and shows us that we shouldn’t take things for granted
    Keep inspiring us with you words, your actions and your faith.
    You have changed many lives.
    Thank You

  • Milind & Girija

    Hi Ali & Maka
    You are an example of a true leader and trend setter. Your vision has given hope to so many and your success truly is a measure of the people you serve . Thanks for setting the pase. We are truly blessed to know you.

  • Salaam my brother& sister, Well done keep up the good works my god bless you & your loved ones. !!!!!!! GO CROWN!!!!! See u @ the top baby.!!!!!!

  • Sheikhnur & Run

    Ali & Maka
    We are blessed to have you in our lives because you change your live and our live.
    Thanks for your vision has given hope to so many and your success truly is a measure of the people you serve
    Keep inspiring us with your words, your actions and your faith

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