Zainul and Safeia Jumarally

Putting Others First – Zainul and Safeia Jumarally are the kind of people who expect little and give much. For two and a half years they spent an hour two mornings per week driving to pick up and deliver food to senior citizens as part of the Meals on Wheels program. “Sometimes it (the minivan) would just cut off, and we didn’t have AC,” explains Safeia. “We would tell them we’re running a bit late, but we’ll be there. We made it happen.”

When Zaahid, one of the couple’s three children, was born with heart problems, Zainul left his job as a telecommunications technician and started his own business as a handyman, repairing houses. “I needed flexibility to take him to hospitals and where he needed to go. That’s why I started my business,” he explains.

It was through Zainul’s business that he discovered just how many people in his community were in need. “I would go into homes where people had kids who didn’t have food. I would ask my wife to pack for the children a bag of goodies – soup, hot chocolate, candies, and other food,” he recalls.

Miles for Smiles
After bringing food to hungry children in his clients’ homes, the Jumarallys took it a step further. “We started to collect toys, clothes, furniture, bicycles, and school supplies and stored them in our garage,” says Zainul. “We drive miles to get things, and then we donate them to people.”

Oftentimes the Jumarallys rent trailers to pick up and deliver goods to those in need. “Excuses are useless. We just have to get out there and make it happen,” says Zainul.

Four months ago the Jumarally couple decided to launch a non-profit organization, It’s a New Day Inc. Through the organization they have partnered up with the fire department, police department, and other non-profits in their community. “If someone knows of a family in need, they contact us. Not long before Thanksgiving we furnished a family’s whole apartment,” says Safeia.

Currently Zainul and Safeia are raising funds to buy toys and food for a wife, husband, and their four children, who are all living with friends ever since the husband lost his job.

“We like to make a difference and put a smile on someone’s face. That’s what we like to see,” adds Zainul. Work slows down during holidays, but we find money to put gas in the car and make deliveries.”

Hearts of Gold
“One of our goals is to grow our organization big and help other organizations,” says Zainul. “We want to have a major role in schools, the fire and police department, all the places that need our help.”

Zainul and Safeia have been struggling financially but still manage to help others and keep their AMWAYTM business up and running. “We still buy products and use little at a time to make them last,” explains Safeia. “Our kids don’t like to use any other products; they’ve grown up on them.

“We know staying involved with Amway will pay off in the long run.”

Zainul emphasizes that he and his family do not do anything for fame. “We’re not special people; we’re ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” he says.


  • We are proud of you guys for not focusing on your selves, but on others, a true product of the BWW system. Keep up the good work.

  • Zainul and Safeia we are so excited to see your community involvement. It’s only a matter of time you will have major growth in your Amway business. Keep on being servant leaders because you are changing lives. The BWW team is looking forward to you moving on and finishing strong.

  • Assalamuaalaykom Zainul & Safeia,

    We are very proud of your good work and we ask GOD to make it easy for you and for who ever follows your footsteps.Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing you soon

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